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Press Corner

Press Release – 5th of July 2016

Oslo, is a new booking platform to help individuals search and apply for international volunteering and community roles. We are an ethical and transparent recruiting resource for social impact organisations to connect with passionate people who want to contribute to making a positive change. As a social startup we charge individuals just 1 USD per day as a booking service fee, a much lower amount than using traditional volunteering travel agencies.

As well as a free recruiting resource for project managers, Volmundo is building a community for individuals to better connect with projects and raise awareness of responsible travel. We want to use Volmundo to utilise the ‘social’ or ‘sharing economy’ and community crowdsourcing in order to help people contribute more than just money. By adopting a ‘startup’ mentality, we make it simpler for anyone to get involved in building a better world, whatever they have to offer.

Volmundo’s mission
Helping people help the world by connecting individuals directly with social and environmental projects around the world.

Volmundo’s founder, Ewoud Ybema, started the company after being inspired by his time as a project manager in Costa Rica, working with marine conservation. He explains: “My time in Costa Rica convinced me that I wanted to work on making the world a better place full-time. It might sound cliché, but I got the bug to make a difference. As a project manager, I experienced how inefficient and difficult recruiting processes for projects could be. Especially when it came to financial transparency and dealing with third parties. This motivated me to start”.

“ Don’t just see the world… Experience making it better! ”