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Frequently Asked By Opportunity Managers

Frequently asked by opportunity managers

You asked we answered

Before I register my opportunity

  • Why should I register my opportunities with Volmundo?

    Searching for applicants for an opening position is a time- consuming and costly process especially for a small organisation. Volmundo believes that you and your organisation as well as applicants should not feel discouraged to make a positive impact. We are here to help you find the most suitable applicants who can contribute the most to your opportunity. Volmundo hopes that you can be part of our growing community to make the world a better place.
  • How do I recruit applicants on Volmundo?

    First, you need to register an account on Volmundo. Applicants through our platform will apply to the positions that they are interested in. You will be notified when there is an application. You can choose whether to have direct booking or review the application before accepting the applicant.
  • Do I need to pay any fees to register my opportunities on Volmundo?

    No, definitely not. It is completely free for you to create an account on our website.

The registration Process

  • Why do I need to fill in information in both opportunity description and my own personal profile?

    The opportunity is about what you are doing. Clarifying the opportunity is important for applicants to understand your values and missions. They can at the same time evaluate what and how they can contribute to your organisation. Your own profile is also a critical factor to enhance the trust level in our community. Applicants, through your profile, will know the person they are talking to. Your profile can prove your deep interest about the cause you are dealing with. This also gives applicants a chance to understand deeper about your passion and better appreciate the possibility to take part in your opportunity.
  • Why should I include photos and/or videos about my opportunity?

    Media such as photos and/or videos illustrate daily activities or the impression of the other co-workers about your opportunity. Photos/ videos make your opportunity more trustworthy. Moreover, they can show applicants what to expect if they take part in your opportunity.
  • Why should I specify the purposes of contribution given by applicants?

    It is necessary for applicants to understand what their money is used for. It shows transparency that enhances trust among applicants. We are not able to provide applicants with food and accommodation. Is it okay if the applicants have to take care of those matters themselves during their stay with us? If you are not able to provide food and accommodation for applicants, please specify clearly those terms in the opportunity details. In this case, you should provide applicants with suggestions on possible accommodation/ meal options in your area and an estimation of the cost per day.

Volunteer assessment

  • The position we need right now does not require advanced skills or educational background. Do I still need to review every single application?

    Volmundo provides you with two options, either direct booking or application review. If you think that you do not need to review applications, you can choose direct booking for that position. Any application that is received under this option will be automatically accepted.
  • How much time do I have to review each application?

    If you have chosen to review applications, you have five days to accept or reject an application since the day it is sent to you.
  • We have reviewed and accepted an applicant for a position. What should we do next?

    The Volmundo team is happy that you have found a suitable applicant through our website. You then need to make sure that you clearly communicate with the applicant about the meeting point and the meeting time on the arrival date. The applicant’s contribution (if required by you) will be transferred to you by us.
  • We have reviewed applications but none meet our requirements. What should we do?

    At times it may take longer time to find the right volunteers but once you find them, they will be able to contribute more to your opportunity. We will keep you updated on the prospective applicants.

Payment Methods

  • How does the payment process work?

    All contributions from applicants will be sent to Volmundo’s holding account. The payment of 25% of the contribution’s payment will be sent to you a week before the applicant’s arrival date. The rest of the contribution will be automatically transferred to you 3 days after an applicant has arrived if he/she does not report any complaints about your opportunity. If any complaint is reported by the applicant within his/her first three days at your opportunity, the rest of the contribution will be held in the holding account until the case is resolved.
  • How do I receive the payment?

    We transfer the money either through PayPal or local wire transfer (For example: Western Union or MoneyGram). Please register a PayPal account or nominate a local wire transfer agency so that we can transfer the money directly to you. You shall be subjected to pay the transactions fees incurred under wire transfer methods.
  • I have a bank account to receive the payment but I do not have PayPal yet. Do I have to register for a PayPal account?

    We highly recommend you register a PayPal account since it incurs low transfer fee, it is easy to use, and you can receive the payment instantly. You only need a bank account and Internet in order to do transactions on PayPal. To create a PayPal account, please follow this link to create a PayPal account
  • I do not have a bank account. Can I receive cash from applicants instead?

    At Volmundo, we make our services easy and transparent for individuals to use. It is likely that individuals would have problems carrying so much cash when travelling or that they would not be able to withdraw money in your area. We, therefore, receive all payments from applicants. We will transfer the money to you through wire transfer in case you do not have a bank account.
  • Do we still receive some payment if an applicant who has been accepted by us cancel the booking?

    It depends on when the cancellation happens. If the applicant does not pay the contribution within the 21 days before the arrival date, the agreement will be automatically cancelled and it means that your opportunity shall not receive any payment. If the applicant has paid the contribution, his/her cancellation of the booking which happens before his/her arrival date will result in a refund of 75% of the contribution to the applicant. In this case, your opportunity shall receive 25% of the contribution. Cancellation of the booking is never a desirable outcome. However, if it does happen, we will keep you updated about the situation. We will assist you as much as possible in order to find out the best solution and search for other applicants.