When we first built Volmundo, we had a dream. We didn’t want to build just another website. We dreamt of building a community, a place for people and resources to come together and connect over the common goal of building a better world. But to achieve this goal, we need to ask your help in order to make Volmundo the best possible resource for all our users.

Just so you know, as there are lots of different organisations and projects who use Volmundo we use one term, ‘opportunity’ to describe them all. We think this name does a great job of reflecting both your overall mission and the chance you offer to individuals, for them to make a meaningful contribution regardless of the actual role they might perform.

With this post, we are going to outline some of the awesome things you can do with your Volmundo account. Hopefully, we can inspire you to make use of our resources to help you succeed in attracting and recruiting people to your opportunity. People who are passionate about making a difference with your opportunity.

1. Set up your personal profile

Your personal profile introduces you as an opportunity manager to our community. You will be guided through the steps, but remember, the objective is to express your own motivations and passion for your cause. And hopefully, inspire others into action by sharing your personal experiences – be as enthusiastic as possible!

2. Create an opportunity

We recommend you set aside a quiet moment of the day, as it can take 15 mins or so to fill in all the fields. All created opportunities must include images to be published, including personal pictures of your staff. Start by adding the opportunity name and location. You can then explain why you need people to contribute to your cause and what your goals are.

*Tip* This is your opportunity’s time to shine! Remember, you are trying to persuade people to pick your organisation. Really promote the importance of your mission and highlight your achievements; describe the type of work you do in as much detail as you can. This will give our members more confidence that you are the right opportunity and position for them to apply to. It’s your chance to tell people why your work is so important. Continue to build your opportunity’s photo gallery to showcase the successes and amazing experiences that take place at your project, as well as building trust with users before they ever contact you.

3. Create a position

There are two short steps to take before your position is out there for everyone to discover on Volmundo
1. ‘Create a Position’ from your dashboard and add a description of the job role and function. Add the required skills and education and include images that show the position in action.
2. ‘Create a Vacancy’ and select the position & the opportunity the position will be located at. Include the dates the position is available and if a financial contribution is required for this position. Once the Volmundo team has reviewed your positions, we publish all available positions on our website, our newsletter and on our social media channels.

With Volmundo there are two types of positions:
(i) ‘Direct Booking’. Any of our members can book a position directly with your opportunity
(ii)‘Application for Review’. Members must send a specific application to you as the opportunity manager for screening/review. You may choose this type if the role requires specialist skills or experiences and qualifications, or if you simply wish to review applicants before confirming a booking (reviews should be completed within 5 days application to avoid the booking being automatically cancelled).

*Important* If you only create a position, but not a vacancy, it will not be visible on our website for individuals to find and book. After you create a position, you always need to create a vacancy each time you want to fill a position.

*Tip* When you create a position, this is your chance to really sell the role and explain how this particular opportunity will have an impact. You should be honest about the tasks involved, but try to use lots of positive verbs (action words or “doing words”) and adjectives (words that describe) to make the description really grab people’s attention.

4. Add your social media channels

You can add your organisation’s social media channels to Volmundo and spread your message further. This is a great way to show our members what your project is up to, or what some of the main issues or challenges are that you are currently working to overcome.

*Tip* You can add a CTA (call to action) button on your Facebook page that will allow people to book positions you currently have open on Volmundo: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/312169205649942

5. What else can I do on Volmundo?

We have created some extra features that we hope you will find useful, and we are working hard to create even more features and tools that you can use in the future:

  • Chat with members if they are online or send direct messages for them to read when they next log in.
  • Search member profiles to find people with the relevant skills you’re looking for
  • Follow community members and receive their updates
  • Write your own posts for your social wall and let others follow your progress

We hope that you found this brief introduction useful, but we are always looking for ways to improve Volmundo to help you, our users to get the best possible experience. So, if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop us a line!

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